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A horror film about a masked killer that terrorizes a college campus, Killer contains storytelling devices found in the “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” franchises.


Its young, diverse cast and setting will drive the genre’s main demographic (25 and younger) to theatres around the world while its gruesome kills, shocking twists, and socially relevant angle will leave them wanting more. The plan is to meet that demand and turn the feature into a lucrative series like “Friday the 13th” and the ones previously mentioned.

The terror begins in the first scene — a flashback to the past.  The camera introduces LEE, who is brought on his 13th birthday to a house by his father, ALLEN BLACK.  Inside, he receives no ordinary surprise; instead, he is presented the opportunity to kill an unknown woman and his crush, JAMIE ADAMS!  Threatened by his father, he reluctantly stabs her and leaves her to die.


Ten years later, JAMIE is alive at a college campus inside her sorority, Delta Sigma Phi. While hanging out with her pledge sister, LINDA, they get a visit from RAY and he gives them their materials for “Killer”— a Greek Row-wide game that requires players to shoot each other with squirt guns.  JAMIE, understandably, didn’t want to play but LINDA signed her up behind her back

 The movie cuts to a wild Alpha Sigma Phi costume party. RAY, the game’s creator, explains the rules: 1) there must be only one witness to every kill and 2) their victims’ targets become theirs. After the explanation, JAMIE is introduced to CRAIG HAMILTION and we discover that he transferred to the school to be its quarterback.  They flirt and instantly hit it off.


Other characters are revealed at the party: BLAIR, RAY’s burly teammate, ASH, a dope-dealer with a rich dad, JAMIE’s friend, CURTIS, JESSICA WALTER, the most popular girl on campus, twins MIA and FAY, and MILES VERA, the archetypal nerd of the fraternity.


During the party, MILES hands JESSICA a strange envelope. Inside are instructions to check her email.  She opens a message back at her room in the sorority that threatens to show a porn video she was in to her father unless she has sex with her ex-boyfriend, ASH. She complies but tells him she is going to hook up with MILES to piss him off.


Meanwhile, CRAIG and JAMIE break into CURTIS’s room because he is her target.  The budding lovers trick the latter and swiftly “kill” him. Following the rules, CURTIS looks for the file on his assigned target but it was apparently stolen.

She opens a message back at her room in the sorority that threatens to show a porn video

JESSICA wakes up to a horrible sight lying next to her: ASH in a pool of blood, his face torn off his skull! She jumps to her feet only to be met a masked killer coming out of the closet. However, it ends up being a prank, pissing her off more. The night winds down and RAY attempts to have sex with MIA and FAY, but is played like a fool, getting his pot stolen.


Stoned, MIA heads into Delta’s Kitchen, beginning the scene of the feature’s first kill.  Smelling the food, FAY steps walks into the kitchen and finds her sister bound and gagged on the floor—her eyes kept open by lens speculums. As she screams, the masked killer shoves a sandwich down her throat. He then slams her face on a sizzling hot Panini press and clamps down on it as she dies in agony. All while a horrified Mia watches!


The movie goes back to the past as LEE and ALLEN escape JAMIE’s house. Outside, her neighbor, VINCENT STRAIN, tries to stop them but is stabbed by ALLEN before they drive away. VINCENT enters the house and finds JAMIE.

In the present, he’s a detective assigned to the murder at Delta Sigma Phi.  To his shock, he is informed that JAMIE discovered the body. They meet and she tells him about the RAY’s game.  While looking for him, VINCENT takes in CURTIS for questioning because he claimed ownership MIA’s profile picture — the same one stolen earlier from his room — which was left next to FAY’s corpse.


Our next kill comes later when JESSICA, true to her word, has sex with MILES in the mechanical engineering lab. Similar to the Panini kill, MILES is forced to watch as the masked killer brutally murders her with the remote-controlled battle robot the geek was playing with before she walked in! This event prompts VINCENT to release CURTIS.


At the scene, the detective questions MILES. The awkward young man tells him the killer’s mask is similar to the one belonging to ASH. VINCENT brings him into questioning, but is saved by his father’s lawyer. While this happens, CRAIG and JAMIE go on a date; their romance grows.

Another gruesome kill happens that night on the football field where BLAIR and LINDA have sex. She is also forced to watch as a makeshift gas cannon bludgeons his head! In the morning, VINCENT commands his man to tail ASH while others look for RAY. Surprisingly, RAY calls the detective while the student sits next to another killer with a gun.


Scared, JAMIE seeks comfort in CRAIG at his dorm. They begin to make love and while she is reaching through his drawer for a condom, she finds the killer’s mask. She freaks out and refuses to believe his claims of being set up. Fortunately, VINCENT is there for her.

The police take forensics of the mask and ASH’s DNA is found on the mask.  CRAIG is vindicated and they go looking for ASH, who’s chopping up RAY at the frat house. Because there isn’t a witness around, he makes his victim’s still alive head stare at his own body! He grabs his things out of his closet and finds another of his brothers, PJ, bound and gagged with his eyes forced open. He turns around and is shot by the masked killer. The cops show up to the scene, upset they couldn’t catch anyone.

The movie’s climax begins the next morning as JAMIE’s professor’s Powerpoint presentation is hijacked, showing Ray’s mutilated appendages. She heads back to her room, finds LINDA tied to the bed, and is captured by the masked killer. Later, JAMIE watches her friend get killed. The camera fades into black as she cries.

Thinking this is still connected to ALLEN BLACK, VINCENT visits the murderer in prison and takes every piece of mail that is sent so he can cross reference it with the DNA of everyone in the game.

JAMIE awakens in the hospital with CRAIG by her side.  They leave and they go back to her new dorm. While they are hanging out, it is shockingly revealed that CRAIG has known about the whole conspiracy and, via a call from CURTIS, he is actually LEE BLACK!

Facing the kid from her nightmares, she dramatically escapes to find CURTIS in the dorm’s lobby.  Yet, she isn’t safe; her friend knocks her unconscious. In a crashing conclusion, we find out this was his scheme all along — to make it look like he stopped the killer while being a killer himself.  He stabs her and gets into a struggle with LEE.  The latter is about finish CURTIS off, but VINCENT shoots him in the head. 

VINCENT, however, did not see CURTIS stab JAMIE so he believes LEE tried to kill her once again. 


Miraculously alive, JAMIE wakes up in the hospital again. CURTIS is there. He explains how ALLEN BLACK inspired him and how no one will believe her. In fact, through the DNA results that ALLEN had three sons in the fraternity: LEE, ASH, and MILES, who saw CURTIS murder his dope-dealing brother!

In our film’s final scene, JAMIE is given a portable DVD player. When she presses play, she sees CURTIS getting killed by MILES’s robot. Back at ALLEN’s cell, we see the demented father reading a message that read “CURTIS is dead. More to come,” setting fans up for the sequel.

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