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Johnny's wife disappears from their motel room on a cross-country trip, leading Johnny down a spiraling rabbit hole of human trafficking.

Johnny wakes up, hands bound in the trunk of his car. He is

sweating from the heat of the desert sun. Yelling for help, he

realizes he has been left for dead. He starts to remember the

events that lead to his situation.

Tired from the road, Johnny and Emma pull into a small

southwest desert town. After checking into a cheap motel, the

clerk offers them coffee. Sarah drinks it right away, but Johnny

prefers it cold. Sarah grabs the room key as Johnny heads to

the convenience store for snacks.

There is a mysterious, black SUV next to John’s car when he

comes out of the store. As he walks past the SUV, he notices a

terrified boy, Jacob, inside holding up a sign reading,


The boy’s mother, Claire, walks to the car as Johnny confronts

her. The Sheriff confirms through one if his deputies, Steve, that

Jacob is Claire’s son and that he was playing a joke - they are

free to leave.

The Sheriff engages in friendly conversation with Johnny as he

starts to feel dizzy. The Sheriff helps him back to his car and

offers to follow him back to the motel to make sure he makes it

there okay.


Johnny returns to the motel and finds evidence of Emma’s abduction.

After returning to the motel, Johnny asks the clerk what room Emma is in. The clerk, Timmy, is dumbfounded and claims that no one has checked in all night. Johnny loses his temper when Timmy denies ever meeting him and violently interrogates the clerk. Still, Timmy sticks to his story. Johnny calls the sheriff and forces the clerk to open every room - no trace of Emma.

While searching the rooms the sheriff and his deputies arrive.  They beat Johnny unconscious while resisting arrest. The next morning Johnny awakes in jail and is taken on a ride in his car by the sheriff. The sheriff, a man with an apparent Andy Griffith-like small-town-leader charm, actually apologizes to him. He reveals that Timmy did know where Emma went and that she left the motel with a trucker in what looks like a person jilting her lover.


The sheriff leaves a stunned Johnny in his car on the side of the highway outside of town. He encourages him to forget about Emma and to move on.

Johnny returns to the motel and finds evidence of Emma’s abduction. After an intense confrontation with the clerk, Timmy, he learns that Emma is to be sold over the border into sex slavery. 

The sheriff wakes with a gunshot wound and heads to Steve’s home. He calls Carl, his other deputy and adopted son. After updating him on Steve, Carl instructs the sheriff to wait for him before attempting to arrest Steve.


With the help of Timmy, Johnny goes to Steve’s home and investigates an old dairy barn. He finds Emma, Claire and Jacob chained up in the milking pit of the barn. He is caught by Steve. As Steve is handcuffing Johnny, the sheriff shows up and holds him at gunpoint. Before the sheriff is able to arrest Steve and free the others, Carl shows up and betrays the sheriff. The dastardly scheme has been in place for a long time and Carl is in charge.


Johnny and the sheriff are brought outside to be executed by the deputies but just when they are about to be shot, Emma whacks them over the head with a 2x4. She was freed by Timmy. A fight to the death ensues, however, Johnny is able to escape with Emma, Jacob and the sheriff. Timmy and Claire die in the aftermath.


Will they make it out alive?

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